Crown Kitting Sweater (mens)

Crown Kitting Sweater (mens)

+£3.00 per item

Crown Kitting Sweater 


  • 7 different team colour options 
  • Add your club logo/badge
  • Add playing numbers to the back of the sweater 
  • Become a Crown team 

You will be emailed with a demo picture of your selected items before the order is sent 

Please make sure that the total kitting order volume is at least 25 items


 Please select a crest/logo that will 'fit to' a 70mm by 70mm (your crest/logo will not be stretched, please upload a crest/logo with fewer than 5 different colours)
Your custom logo will be placed on the left pocket side
Shirt numbers demo picture (shirt numbers will be from 2 on-wards, depending on your order quantity)