CROWN LOW BOW [for Kickstarter backers 240]

CROWN LOW BOW [for Kickstarter backers 240]
    The Kickstarter may be over, but you can still purchase your Crown low bow for the same price that you choose to back our Kickstarter campaign for. 
  • The world's most technologically advanced field hockey stick. 
  • Patented vibration dampening dimples.
  • British Formula 1 Racing technology, for an incredibly uniform and durable construction.
  • 15⁰ Loft angle, perfect for aerials, 3D skills and top corner smashes!
  • 235mm bow position & 24.6mm extreme bow height.
  • Subtle groove on the hitting face to improve drag flicking.
  • Hand crafted by us in Britain!
  • Lightweight and yet extremely powerful. 
  • Made to order in any size between 35 and 39 inches.

Expected Delivery: April 2016 

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