Crown Shadow Series

Crown Shadow Series


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2016/2017 Shadow Series AVAILABLE NOW.

It has always been our intention to filter down some of the pioneering Formula 1 technology from the Crown Hockey Stick into a more accessible product. The result of our efforts is the Shadow Series,

"for players looking to gain an unfair advantage from a premium precision engineered hockey stick, a step up from traditionally made composite hockey sticks.

The Shadow Series takes some of the patented and pioneering technology from the leading and ever improving Crown Hockey Stick, with a more streamlined production process. 

Product Features: (and Improvements Taken From the Pioneering the Crown Hockey Stick).

-Made from fully Formula 1 carbon fibre from our exclusive UK supply chain.
-Designed, manufactured and tested in Britain.
-Low density, high compression strength foam core, designed to take multiple high impacts.
-Low weight design, at 530 grams for a 36.5inch long Shadow stick.
-Flex engineered for high powered hits and tomahawk shots.
-Tinted durable coating system, with satin finish detailing.
-Subtle drag flicking groove to help with drag flicking, without effecting normal play.
-15 Degree loft angle, designed for the modern game with 3D skills and aerial passing. (Low bow)
-6 Degree loft angle, for more upright players, looking to lift the ball, when striking. (Mid bow)
-Patented dimple design to help reduce vibration, compared to traditionally made 95-100% carbon sticks.
-We offer a worldwide 12 month warranty on all of our sticks. Using out patented and pioneering Formula 1 process, every stick is made to the gram and exactly the same each time. 


  • British Made
  • Patented dimpled design 
  • Lightweight under 546g (even at 39")
  • High power reverse hits
  • Formula 1 & Aerospace grade materials, for an incredibly uniform and durable construction
  • 12 month warranty 


Manufacturing process:

The Shadow Series takes advantage of the same patented pioneering technologies from the Crown Hockey Stick. However the Crown Shadow Series is made in much higher volumes a with a more streamlined process, which means we are able to reasonably gain from economies of scale and deliver this products at a more competitive price.


Fully Formula 1 carbon fibre from our exclusive UK supply chain, combined with our -low density, high compression strength foam core, designed to take multiple high impacts.


Tinted high gloss lacquer with unique satin detailing.


High impact carbon fibre woven 2 by 2 twill weave.

Coating system:

Durable tinted lacquer system.


Factory fit silicone-backed grip, with debossed crown logo.

End Cap:

Industrial silicone moulded matt finish brilliant white end cap.



Low Bow Measurements 


Mid Bow Measurements